New traffic laws begin Saturday

Beginning Saturday, Mississippi drivers will have to follow three new laws aimed at keeping drivers and their passengers safe.
Along with the seat belt law and the left lane law, it will now be illegal for passengers to ride in the bed of a pickup truck. The driver of the car will be liable for passengers in the bed of their truck.
News 25 spoke with citizens who were surprised this law is just now being put into action. Gulfport resident Victoria Ford said, “It’s dangerous because if there’s a seat belt law for people riding in the car and you’re riding outside the car then you definitely should have a seat belt law. Now, if you could put some seats back there and put some seat belts in them then that’s a different story, but still if that truck flips whoever is in the back is not going to make it.”
These new laws will go into effect on July 1st. Drivers who violate this as well as the new seatbelt law could face a $25 ticket plus local fees.

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