New study shows flu affects the heart

This year, the flu has become extremely serious with flu deaths all across America.
Bassam Baroudi, a cardiologist with Memorial Hospital, explains that there are complications that can develop as a result of the flu and it could affect our heart. Patients with heart disease are at higher risks of heart attacks and heart failures if they are exposed to the flu.
Baroudi tells News 25 there is now ample evidence of the benefit of the flu vaccine. “A recent study in 2017 showed that the flu vaccine can actually reduce your mortality, can reduce the admission to the hospital, and if you’re admitted, can reduce the period you stay in the hospital and if you get to ICU, reduce the ICU state.”
Baroudi says cardiac patients must take the flu medications immediately and they’re most effective in the first 24-48 hours and still work if you’re late and you can still take them if you are sick. The flu medication is prescription only.

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