New State Laws Effective Today

It’s been less than 18 hours since several state laws went into effect, including a ban on texting and driving.
News 25’s Bryan Kennedy brings us up to speed on this law and others.
In his nine years with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Corporal B.J. Seibert has seen what distracted and careless driving can lead to. For him, the worst part is these accidents could have been avoided. “And those wrecks, not only just the text messages, but without seatbelts. You see those accidents that could have been prevented,” said CPL. Seibert.
Drivers found breaking the new law will find themselves paying a $25 fine. In 2016, that fine will raise to $100 for every violation. Seibert encourages using hands free tools to keep your eyes on the road. “So many people get a false sense of security. They can text and text and text and nothing happens. It’s like playing Russian roulette. They’ve done it so many times, nothing bad has happened. Well, all it takes is that one time, and we have a fatal car crash.”
The texting and driving law wasn’t the only law to go into effect today. There were several improvements made to Mississippi gun laws and now Mississippi vehicle inspection stickers are a thing of the past.
Captain William Jackson with the Ocean Springs Police Department said, “One thing that went into effect today is a person that’s wearing a satchel, briefcase or purse, can now carry a weapon inside that without having a permit.”
To find a list of other laws going into effect today, visit and search ‘new laws.’

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