New seat belt law goes into effect Saturday

AAA predicts more than 37.2 million Americans will hit the roads this weekend for the Independence Day holiday travel period.
Before you get behind the wheel, officials want to remind you of a new law that goes into effect Saturday requiring back seat passengers to buckle up.
Under the new law, a driver could be fined $25 for every unbelted passenger, although violations would not be listed on a person’s driving record.
Not only must all passengers be buckled up, everyone in the vehicle must also be wearing their seat belts correctly. Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper Chase Elkins said, “The seat belt has to be worn over the shoulder, chest area, and over the lap with a proper latch. Some examples of an improperly worn seat belt are under your shoulder, under your arm, behind your back. Any of those ways of trying to wear your seat belt, but not wear your seat belt at the same time for comfort or whatever the case may be, those are improperly worn seat belts.”
Since the new law will require all passengers to be buckled up, this will also make riding in the bed of a pickup truck illegal.

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