New scenario-based training at Naval Construction Battalion Center

Officers at the Naval Construction Battalion Center have created a scenario based training facility they call the ‘shoot-house.’

As a first responder, you never know what you’ll encounter, but training for scenarios like active shooters and domestic violence can be critical. Now, the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport has built a 2700 square foot scenario-based training facility they call the ‘shoot house’ meant for those types of instances. NCNC Civilian Patrolman Steven Dellinger said, “You have to train to perfection. The problem is if you don’t do it and don’t have a place to do it then you’re going to come into it blind. By having a building we can do that and it’s going to bring us one step up.”

Installation Officer Ensign William Clark said, “We really hope to give our guys the opportunity to run through multiple scenarios that they may encounter on their day to day job.”

Dellinger and Clark with the NCBC walked News 25 through the facility. They say during training, every room of the ‘shoot house’ will serve a different purpose with an unlimited amount of scenarios.

One of the benefits of this facility is that every time a trainee walks into a room they’re not going to know what to expect. When they see a white panel, it’s a wall, but if it’s opened up and there is wood that means it’s a door. If it’s a door that means they have to make entry into that room and clear it. “By having multiple doors, you’re not going to know what to expect. You’re not going to know the layout of the house or the building. It’s going to bring a whole new level of training.”

Their goal is to not only equip their guys with the best training, but to open this facility up to first responders throughout Harrison County. “If we have our civilian counterparts on board and they have an opportunity to train and we train together, in the event we do work together in a live scenario, we can be on the same page.”

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