New programs to help Department of Public Safety

In order to cater to the citizens in the state, Mississippi’s Department of Public Safety is coming up with new programs to help with long wait times at the DMV.

The new programs include a ‘text to be next’ situation where people can schedule appointments instead of waiting in lines. The ‘opinionator’ system will be a real time feedback system where customers can make suggestions for improvement at the DMV.

Also, the ‘jump start’ initiative benefits teenagers trying to get their driver’s license. They will be able to come to the DMV on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month to avoid missing school and parents missing work to bring their children to the DMV. Driver Service Bureau Director of Field Operations Jay Kelly said, “These programs are designed to help us alleviate some of those lines during the day. We are hoping that would do so.”

Department of Public Safety Commissioner Marshall Fisher said, “I talked to customers. I do realize some of their frustrations. They do deserve better. We plan to make it better with the support of the legislature and the public.”

The ‘opinionator’ feedback system will be available online and on mobile devices as an app.

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