New Orleans Saints riding nine game winning streak

For most NFL teams, a nine game winning streak, heading into the final quarter of the season would be an absolute revelation, but for the New Orleans Saints, a nine game winning streak is barely above average over the last four years.

Dating back to 2017, the Saints have ripped off streaks of eight, ten, six, and nine wins, coming out to 8.25 per season.

But this year’s streak is still going and could keep going despite playing the last three games without future Hall of Fame Quarterback Drew Brees.

Oddly enough, the Saints are actually 8-0 without Brees over the last two years as Taysom Hill rides a mini three-game winning streak of his own.

For most NFL teams, that would be a death sentence, but according to running back Alvin Kamara, most teams aren’t the New Orleans Saints. “I think it’s the culture of our organization. And I was talking to somebody about this the other day, like everybody in our locker room has a role. And I think it shows every Sunday, even with what we were talking about – injuries and things just happen. I think we’re more equipped than any other organization that I see to be able to withstand some of these bumps and bruises and this adversity. I haven’t been anywhere else, but from talking to other people that have been multiple places, they’re like, man, y’all are a well-oiled machine.”

The Saints round out their three-game road trip at 3:25 p.m. Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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