New Orleans Saints back over .500 for the first time since 2013

The New Orleans Saints had the chance to do something they hadn’t done since 2013 on Sunday and in typical Saints fashion they made it more interesting than necessary. The end result was a thrilling 52-38 win over the Detroit Lions that had a lot of just about everything.
On a day where New Orleans could have set a new NFL record by becoming the first team in league history to start the season through five games without committing a single turnover, turnovers were actually the big story on Sunday.
There were eight turnovers, five by the Lions and three by the Saints, and five touchdowns by defense or special teams combined in this game. It was simply ridiculous, over 700 yards of total offense. Some of the 3 o’clock games were in the second quarter by the time this one even ended.
Yet, the Saints found themselves ahead 45-10 in the second half. They almost squandered that lead away, but then the defense came up big in the critical moments when they needed to yet again. Head Coach Sean Payton said, “I thought the turnovers by us in the second half were poor. We did a lot of dumb things, but fortunately our defense did a lot of good things.”
(“Alright Cam, can you just talk about the big play in the game that you made.”)”Which one?
(“The interception.”) “I mean, look there were so many big plays today. I mean Alex Okafor, sack-fumble in the end zone. His best friend picks it up. That was the Texas connection, it was cute,” said Defensive End Cameron Jordan.
Cornerback Marshon Lattimore said, “I love it, just to get our swag right. I’ve been saying our swag, man, just had to get to another level. And I think this game like this is going to take us there.”
“We knew he was giving up sacks and he had a whole bunch of passes batted and we had to take advantage where we could. Did it result in my first touchdown? Yes, it did. Did I enjoy every minute of it? For sure.”
Running back Mark Ingram said, “I mean keep fighting, you know? We were having some unfortunate series of events, penalties, turnovers. That’s not how we want to play. We want to step on their throat and finish them off. And we gave them some life at the end, but you don’t know in this game of football, you don’t know. We were able to weather the storm.”
Strong Safety Kenny Vaccaro said, “I mean at the end of the day, we only gave up a touchdown in that second half or whatever it was. We never faltered. Defense, we just said keep doing what we’re doing. And ultimately, we just kept getting turnovers even when they were down by however many points. But we never broke, and that was the biggest thing, though. I mean we need to finish the game, it wasn’t pretty but we got the W and that’s really all that matters in this league.”
The Saints emerge on the other side of this win with an overall record of 3-2 which is the first time they’ve been over .500 since the year 2013. That’s a span of 52 games in which they were either even or under .500 which was the longest active streak in the NFL.
The Saints are now just a half game back of first place in the NFC South standings behind the 4-2 Carolina Panthers. New Orleans currently holds the head-to-head tie breaker.

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