New mural finished in Biloxi

A new artist teamed up with a local business to bring some color to Downtown Biloxi.

This mural pictures two children running on a strip of bacon, using eggs as umbrellas for protection from the raining sprinkles.

Artist Kyle Oliver Murdock and Greenhouse Biloxi worked together, drawing inspiration from food and Murdock’s two children.

Originally from California, this is Murdock’s first mural in Mississippi.

Once the plans were finalized, Murdock spent three weeks painting the wall which was way outside of his comfort zone. “I’m more classically trained. I do a lot of landscapes and paint people and animals. But this has been really kind of fun because it’s pushed me out of my comfort zone. It made me think a little bit more creatively, I really enjoyed this project – a lot.”

The mural is located in the alley by Greenhouse Biloxi on East Ohr Street.

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