New Mugshots Preparing for Customers

One of Gulfport’s newest restaurants is putting the finishing touches on their new bar and grill.
In one week, Mugshots will open its new location off of Old Highway 49 across the street from Sam’s Club. Mugshots hopes to build off its already successful restaurant in Biloxi.
Workers say next week’s opening will be the culmination of over six months of hard work but all of that work was worth it to be able to provide about 100 jobs. Mugshots Gulfport VP of Operations Callie Mullins said, “Well, it’s been kind of a long process but we’ve done a lot of ordering supplies and all that good stuff. The most important thing that we’ve done is hire our staff. This week that’s what we’re focused on is training our staff and getting them ready for next Tuesday. We want the guests to be able to come in and get great service, great food and get out in a timely manner and get back to work, to the ball field or the movie or wherever they’re headed after they leave here.”
Mugshots will officially open their doors next Tuesday morning at 10:30.

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