New Mississippi Aquarium mural welcomes dolphins

While taking a cruise along Highway 90 in Gulfport, make sure to keep an eye out for the Mississippi Aquarium’s newest mural.

Gulfport artist and retired Gulfport firefighter Robert Waldrop designed and painted the 70 by 5 foot mural at the intersection of Highway 90 and 20th Avenue.

The mural highlights the Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins who call the aquarium home. Although the dolphins are still adjusting to their habitat and are not on display to the public quite yet. Once they are, they’ll serve as spokes-dolphins for conservation and other educational topics. Waldrop said, “We wanted to do something bright and colorful and something to welcome the dolphins here! When we designed it, we kinda– we kinda designed it to be directional. So, all the dolphins are swimming towards the aquarium.”

This is Waldrop’s second mural for the aquarium. His other one is on the corner of 14th Street and 24th Avenue and features an array of wildlife species that call the aquarium home.

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