New Life Disaster Relief prepares for missions

New Life Disaster Relief is back from helping hurricane victims in Texas, but their work in helping communities in need is far from over. Today, it was the volunteer organization that needed some help.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson takes us to the team’s camp where the group is preparing for their next mission.
Everyone’s work is important at the New Life Disaster Relief Camp in Biloxi. Even these chickens have a job providing breakfast for the sometimes up to 70 volunteers that stay here. Bill Costa is a volunteer coming from Long Island, New York. “Today we’re helping around the camp to get in shape so we can handle more volunteers to go out to disasters in the area.”
Costa and the crew fixing up the volunteer camp Friday just got back from Beaumont, Texas where many victims are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Harvey’s floods including an elderly woman the disaster relief team helped. “First time the house has been open since the flood and she had seven feet of water so all of her belongings destroyed, we had to drag everything out,” said Costa.
Friday volunteers who flew from various states were helping rebuild a walkway, repair and repaint parts of the camp, and moving donation items into these two storage units to be shipped to hurricane victims. Ken Wetzel and his wife started the ministry organization the day after Hurricane Katrina. “It kind of just grew from there that as the volunteers came in and became familiar with us they started coming to work beside us and continued to for about 12 years now.”
New Life Disaster could always use the extra help so if you’d like to volunteer visit their website because volunteers say the work here is never done. “Who’s going to do it if we don’t pull together? Your neighbor is your neighbor next door, the next state.”
“To bless the community in every way and any way we possibly can.”

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