New life coming to downtown area in Pascagoula

New life is literally flowing into the downtown area of Pascagoula in an overall revitalization effort that started more than a decade ago, but is now gaining momentum.

Pascagoula business owner Richard Chenoweth always sees the glass as half full, his optimism and recent investments have paid off. “With chaos comes opportunity, and we just had the opportunity to change everything this year because of COVID, believe it or not, we were able to get on firm footing in the restaurant and be able to finance the upstairs apartments. It was just the year to change.”

A new look and five new apartments situated and fully occupied next to Scranton’s Restaurant, which Chenoweth has owned for 39 years.

Across the street, Pascagoula native Ramsay Taylor is overseeing the gutting and conversion of the Old Fellows building into a space that will house five apartments and a retail storefront in hopes of bringing new blood and new life into the area. “More and more young professionals are getting to where they want to be able to come home and walk to where they are going next, whether that be a restaurant or a bar or a gym. Downtowns are perfect for those things because you have so many of those things right here.”

City leaders say $2 million in BP settlement money has been parlayed into $20 million in private investments in this downtown area of Pascagoula, all part of a bigger picture local business owners have been looking forward to. “I’ve never been more excited about the future of downtown Pascagoula than I am now. It’s going to ripple out into the community into the downtown. You have to start somewhere, and we have a great start here.”

Pascagoula is expected to be home to more than 60 apartments and townhomes over the next year.

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