New industry headed to Stone County

A new company and the potential for new jobs is now set to head to Stone County as early as next month.

The future of rocket fuel and national defense will, in part, go through Stone County. Board of Supervisors President Lance Pearson said, “We’ve always been waiting for a chance to for it to start growing and growing on the good side, you know, industries coming in.”

Both the county board of supervisors and school board approved a lease agreement with Adranos, Incorporated for use of the old General Dynamics Facility off East McHenry Road.

The site, situated on 16th section land owned by the school board, will be used by the company for small scale testing of their rocket propellants with a military focus. Adranos, Inc. Co-Founder Brandon Terry said, “It was just amazing how well the fit was for what we need to do and what was here waiting.”

A public meeting was held with company representatives before the votes to discuss how testing will impact surrounding residents.  Adranos says sound from testing will be directed towards an uninhabited area and any waste from tests will be collected and safely transported off-site. “As they described, you know, it’s going to be very small, so without that being an issue, then that eliminates a lot of the other issues that most people would have.”

Both the company and county are excited to move forward in the years and decades to come. “We’re looking forward to growing our company family with local talent to bring in.”

“Anytime that jobs can be created, it’s a wonderful thing.”

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