New establishments open their doors in Ocean Springs

The City of Ocean Springs is cutting ribbons as new establishments are opening their doors despite the pandemic.

Just last week, they held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Wagwan Jamaican Bistro and the city has more ribbons to cut.

The city is also welcoming Lady May, Twin Finns, and the Ocean Springs Daiquiri Company.

The Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce credits their thriving small businesses to the city’s atmosphere.  Downtown Ocean Springs, which is nestled underneath a canopy of live oaks, is walkable, lending itself to the pandemic. Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson said, “The community really did a good job at stepping up and supporting these entrepreneurs. It’s very difficult making a business succeed especially during these guidelines and restrictions and such. So, I think the community recognized that and did all they could and we’re very thankful the community stepped up like that.”

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