New ENT clinic opens in Biloxi

A new ear, nose, and throat clinic is investing in technology that could spell the end to dizzy spells.

Doctors at Coastal ENT, now open on Tommy Munro Drive, say they’re rolling out what they called a rotary chair.

Chronic dizziness is commonly related to issues in the inner ear and this chair will help doctors diagnose the problem.

It works like this: the chair is used to lightly induce the dizziness and an electronic pair of goggles reads eye movement to help find a diagnosis.

Dr. Clay Bratton told us about it at the clinic’s ribbon cutting. “It’s hard to diagnose, so what we have found is this new equipment that lets us diagnose some of these folks to find out what the problem is and get them on to treatment to get them feeling better. So, we’ve invested in some abilities to help diagnose these folks better and hopefully get their balance and dizziness issues controlled.”

Coastal ENT Practice Manager Amy Bain said, “We are able to now get a better reading and are better able to diagnose people that may have inner ear problems or Meniere’s disease, or any other type of inner ear, balance, vestibular issues.”

Local representatives including the Biloxi Bay Area Chamber of Commerce were there to welcome the clinic to its new home.

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