New Confederate monument unveiled in Alabama

A new Confederate monument was unveiled at a park in Crenshaw County, Alabama. Many think the timing is ironic.
However, the owner of the park says that is not the case. He says the monument was ordered last year and that the ceremony was planned several months ago before Confederate monuments were being taken down across the country.
He says the new monument, which is called the ‘Unknown Alabama Confederate Soldiers’ monument, isn’t meant to offend anyone. Confederate Veterans Memorial Park Owner David Coggins said, “There’s nothing racist about us. We’re not white supremacists, matter of fact, we have members of the organization who are black. We have Hispanic members. We have Native American members. We have members from all over and all nationalities and they shouldn’t be concerned about any sign of offense here from us because we honor all of those veterans.”
Coggins says they already have plans to expand the park and add new monuments.

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