New club at Long Beach High takes stand against bullying

Long Beach High School is starting the new school year by saying no to bullying. In order to spread that message, they have started ‘Students against Violence for Everyone” also known as the SAVE Club.

“In high school there are all types of different people so you kind of get pushed into a group.” According to Abbey Cassibry defined lines within social groups tend to raise tensions amongst high school students. “They’re not always accepting of each other and when they get around there can be complications.”

These complications are better known as bullying. Junior Anna Kate Long said, “When it comes to you, you don’t know it’s actually happening until you realize it and then someone tells you ‘you’re being bullied.’”

Now the ‘Students against Violence for Everyone,’ or SAVE Club, is trying to prevent those scenarios from happening. SAVE Sponsor Dan Pepper said, “We wanted to create a climate change within the school by providing a friendlier environment that will help reduce fighting and bullying.”

Pepper says the club will work towards educating the students on how to identify bullying and hazing and will also highlight the importance of always speaking up. “After we are established at the high school, we want to push our juniors and seniors down to the middle school and lower elementary schools to start educating those younger students,” said Pepper.

Now, student leaders are joining the club in order to raise awareness about bullying which studies show impacts one out of four children in the United States. “When I heard that there was going to be a club that was going to be against bullying and prevent that from the elementary schools up to here, I said I wanted to join that because I wanted it to stop so kids wouldn’t have to go through what I had to go through.”

If you’re a Long Beach High School student that would like to be a part of the SAVE Club you can join them at their first after school meeting taking place on Monday, August 20th in Mr. Pepper’s classroom.

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