New charging hub in Biloxi as electric cars increase

Every gallon of gas burned releases pounds of carbon dioxide into our Earth’s atmosphere. Electric cars have become popular with many people. News 25’s Gina Tomlinson shows us where motorists that are driving electric cars can fuel up on the Coast.
On a mission to decrease our carbon foot print on the Coast, Mississippi Power cut the ribbon on the newest hub for drivers that are going green. Mississippi Power Spokesman Jeff Shepard said, “There’s going to be however many thousands of cars passing along the road here in a couple of weeks for Cruisin’ the Coast. Maybe they’re not electric yet, but it’s something that people could be interested in.”
Electric cars are environmentally friendly and help you save on fuel and maintenance. Annual fuel costs on some electric cars are as low as $500. A set of eight E vehicle charges are now available at Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, joining nearly 30 other EV charging stations on the Gulf Coast. “We’ve seen the popularity growing both in our service territory and with folks driving through looking for infrastructure like this.”
Some of the spots to charge electric cars in Biloxi are the Beau Rivage, Harrah’s Casino, and the Greyhound Station. In Gulfport you can get a charge at Pat Peck Nissan and Home 2 by Hilton. Edgewater Mall General Manager Terry Powell said, “There’s a congregation of people around here and there’s something for people to do while that car is charging.”
First you just back into one of the ports and take the charger out, plug it into the vehicle, and then you can go shopping or get something to eat while it’s charging. “It’s just one more stop for people who are traveling through. It’s a great opportunity to provide that service for the people out there in need and for the future I think we see a lot more of this coming,” said Powell.

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