A new beginning: Stop the Violence forum

Tonight, the Gulfport Concerned Citizens Coalition held a forum in Gulfport to discuss the recent increase of violence in the community.
“New Beginnings: Stop the Violence” gathered community members at the Good Deeds Community Center for an open discussion on violence. The panel discussion was moderated by John Whitfield and was made up of city officials including Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson.
News 25 spoke to the president of the Gulfport Concerned Citizens Coalition who tells us now is the time to get involved and take action to help stop the crime. “We see the crime that’s going on, but turn a blind eye and don’t say anything, start getting involved, reporting what you see. If you have a problem and can’t report it, call somebody who is willing to report it.”
“We just want to try to address the issue as we see it and come up with some solutions. The Coast is not a violent place, contrary to what we have seen, but we need to make sure that there is a de-escalation of violence and not an escalation.”
Through the forum, the Concerned Citizens Coalition concluded that they are going to try and work on putting together a hotline to help troubled youth.

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