New administrative polices in Moss Point

In a city making recent headlines this year over a lawsuit between the mayor and the board of aldermen, Moss Point is moving forward.

Mayor Mario King stopped by our studio this morning to discuss recent changes in the city, including the addition of new administrative policies now up for debate, including the use of firearms in City Hall, the mayor’s travel rights, and his salary.

Mayor King hopes to work with the board on a solution before filing a court date.

But now, Mayor King is also focused on bringing back a Senate bill that died in committee last year requiring elected officials to get proper training. He says elected officials should be held to the same standard as any other employee and have the proper qualifications for the job.

Mayor King says any press the city receives is good as it is building community involvement and inciting change. “I put the plan in place and once the plan has been put in place, these people are taking it and running with it. Our finances are really on the up and up. We’ve hired an additional four police officers this time for the budget. There’s a lot of awesome things going on due to grant writing, due to community engagement. And I think litigation and things like that, those are also positive things, those are results of change. It’s difficult sometimes in communities like Moss Point. I’m confident that our community is starting to understand and they’re slowly but surely coming on to the side of what they think is right.”

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