Neighbors speak out after deputy shooting in Gulfport

Harrison County authorities have yet to identify the person killed in a deputy-involved shooting last night.
According to the Harrison County sheriff, a deputy shot an armed suspect in a Gulfport neighborhood who later died in the hospital.
It’s not uncommon to see children playing or riding their bikes in the Lake Vista Drive area, a neighborhood residents describe as a safe place to live. It was a much different scene Monday night after gun fire erupted in a deputy involved shooting. Resident Stephanie Morris heard the gun fire echo through the neighborhood. “I closed the door. I had to make sure the kids were inside. My initial thought was I hope everyone’s okay.”
According to Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson, one man died in the hospital after a deputy opened fire. Authorities tell News 25 the deputy was responding to a report of a stolen vehicle and was approached by a man who was armed. Gulfport resident Norman Laster recalls returning home only to find his neighborhood filled with patrol cars. “If you’re in a position where the police have to use their fire arms, chances are you’re doing something wrong.”
“There were so many cars here that you couldn’t get through. There were that many patrol cars here and then the coroner showed up,” said Morris.
Authorities say no one else was injured in the shooting. “I still think that’s a pretty safe neighborhood. I mean, things happen, you have to chalk it up that way, doesn’t mean you can’t sleep at night,” said Laster.
As residents try to recover from the tragedy that happened, the hope for the neighborhood is to move forward as a community. “Talking about and making whatever issue that was happening known, I think if we just came together more we would be a stronger community.”
The deputy involved has been placed on administrative leave while the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations reviews the incident.

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