Negotiation Ends Peacefully After Shots Fired

Hours of negotiation ends peacefully in Gulfport after a man shot his gun inside of his home off 25th Street this morning.
News 25’s Laurene Callander has the details.
It was a scary sight as neighbors watched on the sidewalk as the chaos unfolded right in front of their eyes, dozens of police officers and SWAT team members covered in protective gear. Thankfully the tense situation on 25th Street ended peacefully.
Police officers in protective gear, SWAT team members flooding 25th Street in Gulfport. This was the scene after police responded to a call of a distraught individual. When they arrived, shots were fired inside the home. Fortunately, the situation ended peacefully. Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania said, “Negotiators have been on the phone with the individual and it yielded a very safe ending. The individual surrendered to the police. No injuries on either side.”
Over 25 SWAT officers covered 25th Street, a sight neighbors say they have never seen before. Resident Charles Lundy said, “No, it hasn’t. Not since I’ve lived here. My wife has been living here for 25-30 years.”
Police officers evacuated residents from surrounding homes for precautionary measures. While the situation was chaotic, Chief Papania credits his team for the success. “Very pleased with my officers, they’re very professional at what they do. We had a safe ending to a bad situation.”

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