What you need to know about the lottery

The Mississippi Lottery Corporation presented everything we need to know about the lottery coming soon.

The first order of business was to move the launch date up to November 25th, a week earlier than the original launch date of December 1st.

The multi-state games will roll out on January 30th including ‘Mega Millions’ and ‘Powerball.’

As for the ‘Mississippi Drawdowns,’ it is unclear when those will begin, but the lottery commission says those will be presented later in 2020. Mississippi Lottery Vice Chairman Gerard Gibert said, “It feels so good because we are in essence building a very large, mostly private corporation that has the potential to reach $300 to $400 million in sales. Frankly, we on the board, it’s our responsibility to put all the pieces in place and let them do their job. We feel really good about the partners we’ve chosen and the staff and just a great feeling.”

The first $80 million of net lottery annual proceeds will go toward infrastructure needs around the state. After that ten year period, lottery proceed collections up to $80 million will go into the state’s general fund.

For more information on the Mississippi Lottery visit mslotteryhome.com.

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