Nearly $226M to restore Gulf

The effects of the BP Oil Spill continue to be felt almost a decade after 200 million gallons of crude oil was pumped into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days.

Now, the federal government approved more than $200 million to continue with the restoration efforts of marine habitats.

The money is distributed between 18 projects, $52 million to study deep-sea habitats and $300,000 to find ways to keep sea turtles from swallowing long-line fishing hooks or getting tangled in the lines.

Dr. Moby Solangi with Institute for Marine Mammal Studies says he is excited to continue revitalizing the Gulf to help marine life affected by the spill. “This was the largest man-made disaster in U.S. History. The ramifications are considerable. This money is going to be properly used over the next 15 years. The federal government has developed 18 different projects and hopefully it will be very meaningful in the recovery of the Gulf of Mexico.”

BP reached a settlement with the federal government in 2016 to cover damages from the spill.

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