NCBC testing for water contamination

The Naval Construction Battalion Center is asking permission from property owners near the base to test their private drinking water for contamination.

This testing will only affect those living within a mile distance of the base and that use water wells, not city water. They are looking for contamination in the water called ‘PFAS’ and ‘PFOA.’

PFAO residue has been known to seep into the groundwater systems near Navy bases that have used firefighter foam in the past.

City drinking water provided by Gulfport and Long Beach have already been tested and no PFOA or PFAS was detected. NCBC Environmental Director Lisa Noble said, “Well, we don’t know exactly all of the dangers of it as far as human health, but there are some lifetime health advisories. So, we’re kind of trying to step out and make sure our neighbors are protected. We know that the public wells have non-detect so now we just want to go ahead and capture the private drinking.”

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