National Teen Driver Safety Week

As we get closer to Halloween, scary things are everywhere, but for some parents there is nothing scarier than seeing their teens behind the wheel of a car.

That’s why this week has been named ‘National Teen Driver Safety Week.’ Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the country and this week is a time for parents to talk to their kids about safe driving habits.

Teach your young drivers the importance of wearing their seatbelts, not speeding and most of all not using their cell phones while on the road. Gulfport Police Department Sgt. James Griffin said, “Although this week has been set aside for the purpose of you educating your kids on proper driving, use the opportunity to continue to talk about these things and to address those issues. So, if you aren’t having these conversations, kids are going to go out there and find their own way and it could cost you your life.”

There are some additional safety features you can look to get in a vehicle for your teen as well, like blind spot warnings, rearview cameras, and automatic emergency braking.

Also, Ford’s ‘My Key’ and Chevy’s ‘Teen Driver Mode’ allows parents to control their vehicles safety settings such as speed, radio volume, and seatbelt alerts.

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