National School Walkout: Ocean Springs High

This morning, dozens of Ocean Springs High School students gathered together in the school’s courtyard to take part in the nationwide School Walkout.
“We shouldn’t have to live in fear enough is enough.” One month since the massacre of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, two Ocean Springs seniors asked their peers to put down their pencils and pick up a cause. Senior Wyatt Miller said, “Several times a year you hear about a shooting like this and yet nothing is really ever done to address that. We just decided that it was time for students to take a stand and we can be advocates for change here.”
And they believe this walkout was the first step towards seeing that change. Senior Caroline Wiygul said, “I can’t imagine seeing my best friends die and my family members die especially in a place that is supposed to be safe. These children who experienced these traumas are exactly like us and that kind of thing could happen to us and it might happen to us if things don’t change.”
“We actually went into lockdown a week or two after the shooting and that was terrifying for all of us. We had heard so much about the Parkland shooting. We all expected the worst and obviously it wasn’t a shooting or anything, but it just bred this culture of fear and that is just something that we should not have to deal with.”
During the 17 minute demonstration in the school’s courtyard, each victim’s name was read followed by a moment of silence. “I think it was a really good thing that we got to honor them and get to say that we remember that these are people and not statistics and we remember their lives and we understand the pain that other people had to go through because their lives had to end.”

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