National Day of Remembrance is a day for families affected by homicide

The Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence gathered families affected by homicide together for National Day of Remembrance.

In a safe space, tears fell from the eyes of Gulf Coast residents as they remember the lives of loved ones who died to homicide.

In an intimate circle, poems, songs, items of sentiments and testimonies were shared among the group.

As the sun set at Biloxi Lighthouse Pier, emotions ran high as stories of homicide cases brought memories of grief, pain, and forgiveness to the surface.

As candlelight sparked, a moment of silence honors those whose lives were taken too soon. Diamondhead resident Catherine Flynt said, “I would not have survived like I have without my support group. I lost my brother. He was murdered. He was a victim of homicide eight years ago. Within that same year, I lost my dearest, best friend and she was a victim of homicide in her home also. So, support, I believe in support groups and this has been wonderful.”

Attendees wore a blue ribbon during the ceremony.

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