National Champion PRCC Wildcats bring hardware to WXXV

After winning a national championship in baseball, the Pearl River Community College Wildcats came to WXXV today and showed us their new hardware.

This past weekend, the Wildcats came from behind and won the national title in Oklahoma. The team’s 45 wins are the second most in program history.

This season was Coach Avalon’s sixth season with the Wildcats and he knew without a doubt that there was something special about his team. “It’s just a very special group that we were a part of this year. I’m very thankful for all of the hard work they put in and for believing in our coaching staff and in our program, and there’s no doubt that-you know-this group made Pearl River proud.”

After reminiscing on their incredible seasons as PRCC Wildcats, former West Harrison alums DK Donaldson and Tate Parker told News 25 that the school is their family, both on and off the field. “My brother, he was on the team that went up there to Oklahoma the first year that they went up there, and he always told me as soon as they got home and I was sitting there talking to him he said that we will be back, and from then on as soon as we got done with the game, he was the first person that I saw and he picked me up over his shoulders and saying how proud he was of us for bringing it back home.”

“We got off the bus that night. There was 200 plus people there. That was a pretty special moment for all of us and just seeing the support that we had not only there at the games, we packed the whole crowd, but back home waiting on us when we got there was pretty special and just realized how special the place Pearl River really is.”

Being one of only two Mississippi teams that have achieved an NJCAA national title, the Wildcats are enjoying their success and are looking forward to the seasons ahead.

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