Nate damages Margaritaville

Hurricane Nate shut doors to Margaritaville while crews repair damages to the resort.
The year old family hot spot closed Sunday after Nate caused problems to their elevators and escalators. The roof was also damaged from strong winds and rains, plus exterior damage as well.
Contractors and crew members are cleaning up the parking lot and clearing water and debris. This was the resort’s first experience in a hurricane since opening in June 2016.
Margaritaville officials tell News 25 how they can learn from this storm. Area Director of Hotel Operations Kenny Glavan said, “I think structure wise we made all the advanced preparations that we could, but there may be some things we could do to protect those systems a little bit better in the future and we’ll certainly be looking at putting together a better plan next time.”
Margaritaville will reopen this coming Sunday.

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