NAACP School Supply Drive

Parents and teachers in east Biloxi now have fewer items to check off their back to school supply list thanks to the NAACP Biloxi branch.
The organization donated hundreds of dollars’ worth of school supplies for students at Nichols and Gorenflo elementary schools. Paper, binders, markers, and pencils were just some of the many supplies now pouring into classrooms.
Gorenflo Principal Vera Robertson tells News 25 donations from the community ultimately benefit the students, but it takes a load off for the parents as well. “School supplies can get expensive for them. We’re really blessed and really humbled by the contributions of the NAACP and the People’s Bank, but just to think of us, think of us and think of the parents and what it means for students to have what they need when they come to school, it’s very important.”
In addition to supplies for the students, the branch also purchased a number of necessities for teachers as well.

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