NAACP Calls for Change

Today, the NAACP passed a resolution to change the face of the Mississippi state flag, aiming to get the highly controversial Confederate emblem removed.
A national effort is underway to remove the Confederate emblem from Mississippi’s state flag; more than 2200 NAACP delegates voted unanimously today, all agreeing it’s time for the change. “We do not feel like that was a time that should be glorified in our history. A time of slavery and oppression,” said Curley Clark.
Mississippi adopted its present flag in 1891; those who support changing the flag, say it no longer represents all residents. Tabari Daniels, vice president and program director of WJZD, said, “Ultimately, the Mississippi state flag needs to change, it should change, because it doesn’t represent everyone. It only represents those who are confederate.”
Many out of the state agree, including the NCAA, making Mississippi the only state not allowed to host NCAA championships. As part of its strategy, the NAACP hopes to persuade the state to update the flag by working with the NCAA and black owned businesses.
Many local residents feel that by taking down the state flag, it’s taking away Mississippi’s entire heritage. Ben Lamey, a Biloxi resident, said, “It’s our heritage. Our state, our state flag. It’s what Mississippi is built upon. What the South is built upon.”
With two strong sides to a divided issue, the battle over Mississippi’s flag won’t soon be over.

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