Muslims and Christians Debate

“Allah is Satan, Jesus is God.” It’s that statement on Cowan Road Baptist Church’s marquee that has spurred conversation between Muslims and Christians on the Coast.
That’s what led to a packed house at Cowan Baptist Church Saturday night. On one side, Christians defending the marquee posted two weeks ago by the church. On the other, Muslims from the Coast were there to defend their religion and dispute the marquee’s claim.
Both sides said the point of Saturday’s debate was to not win or lose but to get the truth and beliefs of their religion out to the public. Both sides say they accomplish that. Pastor Chris Ashley said, “You tell me where we could’ve gotten the truth to so many different people from all different walks of life, color, race, background and everything else. There were a couple hundred here probably tonight.” Abdul Jamil with the Coast Islamic community said, “I think that everyone who heard me tonight, I think I got across to a lot of people in here tonight because a lot of people don’t read for themselves. When they don’t read for themselves, people will tell you anything.”
If you pass by the Cowan Road Baptist Church marquee, you’ll notice the writing has changed. Pastor Ashley says he usually only leaves quotes up for a week but decided to leave this up until after the debate.

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