Music for Willow

A Gulfport man is stepping up to help a local girl.

Willow Olsen suffers from multiple sulfatase deficiency or MSD, one of the rarest diseases in the world.

Greg Everhart and Sunshine Travel want to spread a little sunshine in Willow’s life. They will be hosting the first annual ‘Music for Willow’ fundraising event in Biloxi, featuring bands, raffles, and a silent auction. The event will get kicked off at the White House Biloxi at 4:30 and then move on to the Margaritaville Resort at 7.

While waiting for his daughter to get her tonsils removed, Greg Everhart was flipping through Facebook where he found Willow’s story, compelling him to want to help. “I mean, I was pretty freaked out because tonsils, you’re having surgery, and then when you see something like what’s going on with Willow you realize that the tonsils are really insignificant and I couldn’t imagine going through this so we wanted to help.”

“I mean, Greg has such a big heart and to go out of his way to do all of this work to set up such a wonderful event is amazing, to help these kids that he doesn’t know is just beautiful.”

For more information on the event visit the ‘Music for Willow’ Facebook page.

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