Music, Dancing And Fun At 100 Hall

A musician who left a dance floor sizzling’ in bay Saint Louis yesterday. Is known as “Louisiana’s Rockin Fiddler,” Waylon Tib-Ba-Doe Thibodeaux and his band got an entire crowd dancing during a concert at the One Hundred Men Hall in Bay Saint Louis. The musician has gained a notable reputation in Louisiana. One of the state’s best known recording artists, he tells News 25 he’s played at the One-Hundred Hall at least five times and he comes back because he can feel the rich musical history the establishment has hosted years before him.
Waylon Thibodeaux tells News 25, “When I come here to play it’s like the spirit and the feelings of all these past musicians that brought all their love to the people here is back here again! It’s still in these walls man! So when we come here we portray that and give that back to the people.” The One-Hundred Hall is a stop on the Mississippi Blues Trail. The long-time center of Blues and Jazz acts has events like this almost every month.

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