Murder Suspects Steal Woman’s Car

Neighbors in Geary County, Kansas are regrouping today after the suspects arrested for a murder in Jackson and robbery in Pascagoula entered their car while trying to run from police.
Joshua Garcia and Jamison Townsend were speeding in a red Dodge Charger when they were pulled over in Geary County.
Garcia then fled the scene, traveling down I-70 getting off at an exit, leading him straight to a dead end. He crashed the car and ran to a nearby home, stealing a woman’s car and fleeing again. Another neighbor says police found Garcia lying in the back seat of their car. Geary County resident Jayne Link said, “My reaction was, you know, I want to see who this person is. They had handcuffed him and walked him to the other vehicle. I was just glad that he was picked up without anyone else being hurt or injured.”
Geary County Sheriff Tony Wolf said, “There was a car parked in one of the driveways and all the windows were fogged up in the car. They thought it was very odd, seemed as if it wasn’t running. They approached the vehicle, surrounded it and made contact with Mr. Garcia who is hiding in the backseat of the car.”
Townsend and Garcia were charged with three counts of capital murder each for the deaths of three men at a pawnshop in Jackson. The Geary County sheriff says the two could be looking at charges in four states.

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