Murder Arrest of Perkinston Woman Shocks Community

An arrest was made Monday night in connection to a shooting that occurred last week in Stone County. The arrest of Evelyn Garrison has shocked the community of Perkinston.

Timmy Garrison was shot at his construction company a week ago, devastating friends and family. Now authorities are learning his wife may have had something to do with the murder. A Perkinston resident says, “I don’t know the lady personally, but if she didn’t, she had to have somebody help her do it from what they say what happened to him.”

Monday, News 25 went out to Beatrice Sawmill and Construction, where Garrison was an owner. Family and friends were gathered around the house. They say they were taking Garrison’s death very hard and wished not to speak with anyone on camera.

Another Perkinston resident says, “This has been a tragedy and I hope it comes out not to be true, that any of this is true, that she had anything to do with his death because I liked her very much and she seemed to be a nice person.”

The Sheriff’s Department was not available for comment, but they will release more information later this week. News 25 will continue following this story and bring you more details when they become available.

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