MS Walk This Weekend

Tomorrow morning, Mississippi and Alabama are joining forces to fight a debilitating disease.
Walk m-s will take over Fort Maurepas Park at 9 am Saturday in Ocean Springs.
The event brings together teams of families, neighbors, and co-workers.
All trying to raise funds to drive groundbreaking research, provide life-changing services and guarantee a supportive community for those suffering from multiple sclerosis.

“These fundraisers are vital. Those with MS who have their central nervous system impacted have problems with balance, coordination, memory loss, all those things that impact life greatly. And so when we can raise funds and help people to prolong the symptoms coming at them really hard, these funds are definitely needed.”
Kathy Scarbrough, Chief Communications Officer, Navigator Credit Union

Registration opens at 8 am.
For more information, to register or to volunteer, visit walk

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