Ms. Ranked Worst in Nation for Thanksgiving Travel Safety

If you are planning to travel this holiday in the Magnolia State, be extra cautious! According to a recent safety survey, Mississippi ranks number one as the nation’s most dangerous state to travel in this Thanksgiving holiday. The study, conducted by the group, ASecureLife, ranked our state worst in the nation for travel this Thanksgiving, pointing to the average holiday fatality rate at 1.68 here in Mississippi. North Dakota followed in second at 1.54, with Wyoming coming in third for the worst state for travel, with a 1.47 fatality rate during this season in years past. On the other hand, District of Columbia is ranked the safest place to travel, with an average of just .24 fatalities, followed by New York in second safest place, with a .43 fatality rate.

Good rule-of-thumb for anyone traveling this time of year in Mississippi – follow the speed limit and keep your eyes peeled for deer, especially if you plan to travel through any rural areas.


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