MS Operation Lifesaver Promotes Railroad Safety

About every three hours, a vehicle and train collide in the United States. News 25 found out about a nonprofit organization that is providing training to local law enforcement to prevent railroad related injuries. This year, half of the railroad related fatalities in Mississppi occurred in Harrison County.

Mississippi Operation Lifesaver is a nonprofit that aims to raise awareness of the dangers of crossing railroad tracks. Kimbler Sloan, Executive Director of Mississippi Operation Lifesaver, says, “Our message is to always look, listen, and live. You want to look both ways before you approach the crossing. You want to listen to the train horn and in doing so, you will live. So if you see tracks, always think train.”

Wednesday, Mississippi Operation Lifesaver provided training to law enforcement officials from all along the Gulf Coast at the Biloxi Police Department, learning about specific railroad laws and safety techniques for different kinds of collisions. Sgt. Jackie Rhodes of the Biloxi Police Department says, “We’re learning how important it is that a train may, for example, look to somebody in a car that it’s going real slow, but in reality is going fast. The whole goal is to prevent as many crossing fatalities as we can and get the public informed about stopping when a train’s coming.”

The crossing at the intersection of Iris Street and Greater Avenue in Biloxi is one of two locations where Mississippi Operation Lifesaver and the Biloxi Police Department will be hosting a Railroad Safety Blitz Thursday morning to bring about awareness of the dangers of crossing railroad tracks. Rhodes also says, “What we’ll be doing is handing out information to the motoring public there, informing them about the dangers of railroad crossings.”

Operation Lifesaver hopes by pairing up with law enforcement to inform the public, they can reduce the number of railroad related fatalities. Sloan closes, “Proactively, we’re all working together to kind of prevent these things and let everybody know what they need to know before it takes place.”

The Railroad Safety Blitz will be from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the intersection of Caillavet Street and Esters Boulevard and at the intersection of Iris Street and Greater Avenue.

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