MS May Get Witness Protection Program This Year

As the 2015 legislative session gets going, public safety bills are on the radar.

The Mississippi Prosecutors Association is working with Brice Wiggins and other Coast representatives to get a bill passed to create a Witness Protection Program in the state. Local district attorney’s offices say this bill would be groundbreaking for the Magnolia State as there is no manpower or program currently set up to protect witnesses against retaliation after they testify in court.

Wiggins says, “My history in the DA’s office, I saw this, that sadly there are fears by witnesses from gang members and all, from when they come testify, and it’s done very economically. I think there’s a lot of good oversight there, and so, the DA’s have come together and we need to look at that.”

District Attorneys in Mississippi say the program would not only protect witnesses who help, but the bad guys behind bars as well. The program may also make witnesses more likely to testify.

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