MS Legislature awards the City of Gautier over $6M

The Mississippi Legislature awarded $6.1 million in funding for projects in Gautier.

Various improvements will soon be under construction in Gautier. Over two million is going to their sewer rehabilitation project which will improve water quality, protect natural resources, and limit damage to fish and wildlife in local bayous.

Various other projects to build on to the new Towns Common Park construction plan will also begin. Gautier City Manager Paula Yancey said, “We’re trying to put things in this park that you don’t find in other places. The amphitheater will definitely give them some place to come and enjoy shows and festivals and that sort of thing, but I think indirectly it will also benefit them because all of these components are going to bring more economic development into the city which will definitely bring a positive impact to the citizens.”

Mississippi Song Writers also received $1 million to go toward a performing arts center that will include a Mississippi Song Writer Hall of Fame Museum.

The museum will be located across the street from the Towns Common Park shopping and restaurant area.

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