MS Aquarium helps their animals beat the heat

When the sun blazes and temperatures soar, animals already know what to do.

While visiting the aquarium, we learned birds spread their wings out to cool down. Alligators and crocodiles open their mouths to stay cool and the otters take frequent dips in the water or hide in their log to beat the heat.

Along with natural adaptations to high temperatures, the aquarium does their part to help the animals from overheating.  VP of Veterinary Services at MS Aquarium Dr. Alexa Delaune said, “We can change the temperature of their water. So, it can be a little cooler so they can go in there and cool off. We offer them shady spots to go under to get away from the sun and then for our ambassador animals, those that you don’t see out all the time, we just shorten their time outside and take them back inside for frequent breaks.”

If you plan to visit the aquarium this summer, they recommend cooling yourself down with a popsicle or visit the ‘changing tides building’ to soak up the air conditioning.

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