Mrs. Louvenia McDonald turns 100 years old

Biloxi, Miss.(WXXV)-Mrs. Louvenia McDonald turns 100 years old. But in light of the Coronavirus outbreak her celebration had to be a little different.
News 25’s Victoria Bailey explains.

The lady you see before you is because of miss Lou. Mrs. Louvenia McDonald is celebrating 100 years of life with her family and friends.

“I can’t remember growing up from 12 years old Granny Lou telling us she was going to make it to 100 so we all were very excited about this birthday that she actually made it to 100 and it definitely inspires us to say we’re gonna make it to 100 as well,”said family friend Deidre Gray.

Family from as far as New York and Orlando drove the Biloxi to fellowship and show Mrs. Lou how much she is loved.

“When granny was molding us into the people we are today she made sure to say if you want a better life you know we so these are the things that you have to do so I listen to her now I’m working for orange county health department in Orlando Florida I’m a degree professional and I could’ve done it without her,”said Granddaughter Lisa Dowell.

With Coronavirus cases climbing throughout the nation, instead of the usual birthday bash, Mrs. Lou had to celebrate at a safe distance.

“I know what’s going on the pandemic and everything going on in the world.
but this is an occasion I couldn’t miss. This is my grandmother, she’s making 100.
I drove all the way in from Orlando to share this special time with her and I’m so
glad I did. It’s such a wonderful thing to have shared this with her,”said Dowell.

“Granny Lou is just the most sweetest person she’s always got an open heart open hand and like I said I’ve been in this family for over 30 years now and we’re looking for 100 more,”said Gray.

In Biloxi, Victoria Bailey, news 25.

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