Moving On Up at the Port

If you’re driving along Highway 90 in Gulfport in the next eight days, you will start to see the construction of 15 new silo cylinders at the Port of Gulfport.
The silos will streamline the ore handling process, double existing storage capacity, and ultimately lead to more jobs at the port.
Construction crews are working around the clock to get the silos for Chemours- formerly known as DuPont- up and ready within one week.
Curt McMillin with Continental Construction Company said, “We brought in approximately 500 workers to construct the silos, 250 on the day shift and 250 on the night shift.”
Port of Gulfport CEO Jonathan Daniels said, “There will be an excess of 500 people in town during the next few weeks, so you’re not only seeing the benefit of construction on port, but you’re also seeing the spending of money in the community. They’re eating at our restaurants. They’re staying in our hotels.”
As part of the port’s brand new bulk handling facility, the silos will allow storage for more raw materials such as ilmenite ore, a powdery substance used as a whitening agent that can be found in everything from the creamy center of cookies to paper and even toothpaste.
In just eight days, construction of the first 12 silos will be complete at 140 feet high. That’s 20 feet taller than the existing silos.
Construction of the remaining three silos will begin July 20th and will reach upwards of 170 feet, meaning more storage for the port and according to Daniels, eventually more jobs for the community. “Ultimately, you’re going to see diversification of product to put more products coming in. It allows more vessels to be in here and ultimately that translates to more longshoreman hours and ultimately leave some more jobs created on the port site,” said Daniels.
The silos will rise eight to ten inches per hour. Construction on the silos is expected to wrap up next week.

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