Motorcycle Police Train to Protect Themselves In Case of a Threat

In the wake of more aggression being shown towards police officers nation wide, now more than ever police are reminded to be aware of the best ways to protect themselves.
We take a look at what specific training is done to help protect motorcycle cops, who don’t have a full car to buffer for them.
Corporal Ryan Blakely is a motorcycle cop from Mobile, Alabama but this week, he’s on the coast swerving in and out of cones, honing his bike skills. “Anytime you can get out and do training to hone in on your skills, your riding skills. It can’t do anything but help you get better,” he said.
Corporal Mark Hodges, Jackson County Police Department training instructor, said, “That threat is increased when you’re on a motorcycle because you don’t have cover and stuff like that. So, if we encounter a threat out there on a traffic stop on a motorcycle, we have to know how to take cover behind it to protect ourselves from any threat that might occur.”
About 70 motorcycle officers from Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana have been taking advantage of this free training since Monday provided through an annual conference put on by the Mississippi Law Enforcement Association. “This enhances their skills for what they do every day as a police officer on a motorcycle,” said Cpl. Hodges, “It helps them maneuver the bike. It makes them be more familiar with what they’re doing.”
The more familiar each motorcycle cop becomes, the more prepared they will be to protect the community they serve as well as themselves.
Tomorrow, these bike cops will put what they’ve learned this week to the test in a friendly competition.

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