Most of Gulfport’s Fishing Piers are Back up and Running

Nearly all of Gulfport’s fishing piers are up and open again after Hurricane Isaac pummeled them back in 2012. News 25 ventured out to two piers today, one that’s open and one that’s about to be.
Travis Hudson has been fishing off Gulfport’s piers since he was 9 years old. “I catch fish to feed my family and eat and make a little bit of money every once in a while,” Hudson said. Travis has had to finish elsewhere for the past few years, after Hurricane Isaac damaged the city’s piers in 2012.
But Travis reeled in some good news recently, repairs to three of Gulfport’s piers finished up just last week and he’s not wasting anytime. Today, he’s been dropping his line off Gulfport’s Moses Pier. “It’s very deep water and you can catch species of fish here that you can’t catch just about anywhere else on the Gulf Coast because it’s deeper water with the ship channel,” Hudson said.
The Libby Milner Roland Pier was completed about a month ago while repairs wrapped up at the Moses and two Urie Piers and Jetties last week, just in time for the busy Fourth of July holiday coming up.
City of Gulfport’s Public Information Officer Chris Vignes said, “We’re inviting everyone out to come out and use them for the Fourth of July weekend. Enjoy them, fish, crab, bring your families out, come out and enjoy them.”
Just down the road to the east is the Ken Combs Pier, the last pier still under construction, and the barricades are expected to come down from there within the next 30 days.
Consultant Project Manager Walter Rode said, “We had a very good contractor J.E. Borries. They’ve been very aggressive. They’ve work as often as possible to get these piers open ahead of schedule. We have one remaining pier and that’s the Ken Combs. That is also ahead of schedule and it’s due to open within 30 days.”
All pier construction is funded by FEMA. It took just over $900,000 dollars to complete.

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