Moss Point Shooting Leaves One Dead, Two Hospitalized

A shooting at a Moss Point car wash last night has left one dead and two in the hospital. This is the second fatal shooting incident Moss Point has seen in the past week. News 25’s Laurene Callander spoke to family and close friends of the latest victim. 
As details continue to unfold in the death of a 24-year-old active duty soldier, residents grapple to make sense of the tragic shooting that took his life. U.S. Army man Darnell Bolton, a Moss Point native, was home from Texas for the weekend to attend a funeral. "The family is very devastated over their loss. I mean, he was a good kid. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, never been to any trouble at all,” said an anonymous friend.
Bolton was attending the funeral of Sonja Wells Raine, the woman shot by her husband who then killed himself last week. Friends say he was scheduled to return to his wife and daughter this morning, but first decided to go with friends to Fusion H20 Car Wash in Moss Point, offering support in a feud that erupted in gunfire.
Stacey Deans, with Moss Point police, said, “Some say it was a fight, some say it was a beef on Facebook that resulted in the fight. So, we’re still trying to ascertain that information and see what’s credible.”
Two other victims were shot, both hospitalized. One is listed as stable; the other is in critical condition.
Moss Point police say that when they arrived at the scene there were clothes, shoes, and bullet shells lying everywhere around the car wash.
Moss Point police say there were three different weapons at the scene of the shooting. It is still unknown why the shooting happened or exactly how many people were involved.
For now, Bolton’s family and friends simply want answers. “I just pray to God that there will be justice because he didn’t deserve to die,” said an anonymous friend.
Moss Point police is actively following up on leads but have yet to make any arrests in this case.

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