Moss Point residents joined together for the Stop the Violence March

Residents in Moss Point are tired of the gun violence and feel it is time for their voices to be heard.

Community members joined together to take a stand, marching to bring awareness to an issue that continues to plague their city.

‘Stop the Violence’ is a message Moss Point residents came together to chant as they marched through the streets. There have been three shooting deaths since the start of 2021. Residents are fed up and are using their voices to bring light to the situation. Moss Point resident Annie Turner said, “I’m just hoping and praying that this brings about a change because it is so much going on, not just in Moss Point, but all over the world. I am very interested in taking a stand for what is right concerning these children.”

Moss Point residents just want to see change in their community and they feel like by hosting this rally that change is on the way. March organizer Sharon Nettles said, “We want to bring some life and love to our city because Moss Point is a beautiful city. We have some beautiful people. It’s just been some ugly things happening and we want to bring some good things to our city, some joy.”

With so much violence going on in the city, a local civil emergency order was put in place which requires those under the age of 18 to have a curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Nettles says if she has to make this an annual event that is what she is willing to do to bring awareness. “If we have to march every day on this day every year that is what we will do.”

Marchers are begging the community to stop the gun violence, step up, and save the youth. Marcher Denicia Jackson said, “We should not have to come to this. If we all work together it should not be like this at all.”

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